13 de December de 2017

The Building Blocks of Resilience

Resilience is a comprehensive and dynamic concept, briefly defined as the ability of people or systems to succeed in the face of change and uncertainty and to continue to develop even at critical times.


It means living in a crisis and even taking advantage of it.


It is the ability to transit in adversity and overcome situations of intense change or high need for adaptation.


Increasingly needed in the face of modern challenges, each one’s Resilience can be developed through their structural and systemic training.

Individual Benefits:

  • Better resources to maintain emotional control and transit in diverse contexts, including adversity, and to overcome situations of intense change and demand for high levels of adaptation.
  • Conditions to seek and succeed even in critical situations.
  • Continue personal development, even in the face of change and uncertainty.
  • Overcoming crises and even gaining advantages with them.

Institutional Benefits:

  • Professionals better able to cope with critical situations.
  • More dynamic teams with better skills to handle changes and innovations.
  • Greater power of confrontation of the teams in the face of the intense need of adaptation.