13 de December de 2017

Career Management

Career management, such as the totality of life processes, presents better results when conducted in a technical and careful way.

Preparing properly for this process and giving it the necessary attention will produce highly positive results.

The goal is to help participants take charge of their own careers and, with the help of healthy practices and effective strategies, achieve their personal and professional success.

Individual Benefits:

  • Increased ability to perceive, identify or create professional opportunities.
  • Better resources to identify, in advance, impact movements in the occupational world and prepare adequately for them.
  • Better conditions to promote a personal program of self-empowerment and occupational development.
  • Greater consistency between actions and occupational purposes.

Institutional Benefits:

  • Professionals more motivated and committed to personal and organizational development.
  • Improvement of the team with more aligned professionals and well-defined development projects.
  • Better investment payback in training and staff development.
  • Drastic reduction of labour conflicts, since, in order to develop his career the professional needs to align with the company’s goals.