13 de December de 2017

Practices & Skills for the Stress Positive Management

Daily stress, addressed positively, ceases to be a limiting factor of human capacity and becomes a powerful source of additional energy, promoting motivation to overcome everyday challenges.

Individual Benefits:

  • Improved ability to identify opportunities and challenges with a focus on building a successful, welfare and high-performance life,
  • Skills to reduce the harmful effects of stress.
  • Development of resources and strategies to minimize the destructive effects of stress and its positive management for its transformation into a powerful energy source.
  • Promotion of the capacities to cope with times of great tension and energy recovering even during real periods of battle.
  • Training in modern practices that promote balance and well-being, with personal, family and professional benefits.

Institutional Benefits:

  • Healthier, motivated, balanced, happy, committed and productive professionals.
  • More harmonious, synergistic and effective teams.
  • Drastic reduction of costs directly or indirectly associated with stress such as loss, demotivation, absenteeism, low productivity, medical treatments, indemnities and others.